Strawberries and Oranges (Ukulele – Original Song)

I always wanted to play a musical instrument my whole life. I tried playing the piano, guitar and even the flute! But none of those seem to hold my attention for more than six months.

It was four years ago when I was first introduced to the world of ukulele. Though my consistency in playing is as stable as an airplane during turbulence in a high level typhoon, I know it is something that I will always go back to. I have found my life instrument!

I am on break for almost a year when a recent incident had me inspired and got me writing a new song. This is not it (new song still needs polishing). But I have started setting up my SoundCloud account and would like to share the first (serious) song that I ever wrote.

It is an attempt to illustrate complicated relationships in the modern world. How society is deliberately accepting it and how emotionally damaging it can be. See link below and hit play.

P.S. Please do not hesitate if you have anything that you want to say about my work. I am open to feedbacks, comments, suggestions and requests. Thank you and enjoy! 🙂


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